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What is socially responsible business?

Are you the kind of person who believes businesses should be socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and accountable to society?

If so, you’re in good company. I believe entrepreneurs, customers, and citizens need to ask more from our businesses.

Lionel Church

Lionel is a former business executive with experience in startup operations. He built a social enterprise organization from an idea to a 20-employee profitable enterprise in just a few years, all without significant startup capital.

Now, Lionel is a social entrepreneur who works to advance the development and growth of social enterprise organizations. He helps them accelerate their growth, supports traditional organizations with their transition to responsible business practices, and writes broadly about how we can encourage businesses to adopt the changes which are so dearly needed by a struggling society and damaged ecological systems.

Lionel aims to show everyone what is meant by Socially Responsible Business and to help develop a large, competitive industry based on those principles.