Going Remote

Take Your Team & Events Online

The working world has shifted from offices to online. This brings new challenges but you can make the transition easily with the right support. When I work with clients who are going remote, these are the outcomes we pursue together.

Your team

1. Give Them Confidence

Your team needs to be able to actually get things done. For them to be productive, you’ve got to set up the tools and walk them through how to use them. You know that, but we’ll work proactively to avoid show-stopping issues which, unfortunately, can accompany that big change.

I’m like a therapist for business leaders, addressing fears and considerations, as you are addressing critical new business challenges. I’m also like an engineer, where I take responsibility for getting the end result delivered to your clients, no matter what it takes.


your Events

2. Create Compelling Experiences, Virtually

Hosting your conferences and meetings is as much about tone as it is substance. How are you making people feel at your gathering? It’s true for online events, too, except you’re working with an entirely different set of constraints—no handshakes, hugs, or stages.

You may be moving fast to create online experiences for your clients and get your team caught up with the demands of this kind of event. I have hosted millions of people at online events for many years and I’m able to anticipate the kinds of problems that can arise. I will work with you and your team to improve the planning, preparation, and success of your online events.


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Lionel Church

Lionel Church

Business Growth Consultant

Lionel Church is an accomplished Senior Executive and Business Growth Leader with a decade of success spanning personal health and business consulting. Leveraging extensive experience in entrepreneurial leadership and collaboration, Lionel is a valuable asset for companies requiring expert assistance with business development, process improvement and efficiencies, or team building. His broad areas of expertise include health and wellness, marketing, talent recruitment, team development and leadership, systems and processes, organizational structure, customer relations, and product development.

Throughout his career, Lionel has held a number of leadership positions with Food Revolution Network, a mission-driven business that aims to provide mass education about how diet affects health and sustainability. He currently leads Beneficial Ventures, where he lends clients expertise as an Operations Strategy Consultant, developing and executing strategies in the areas of organizational growth, technology infrastructure, and aligning teams and operations with business goals and vision.

Over the years, Lionel played an integral role in Food Revolution Network’s growth from the company’s founding up beyond $4 million in annual revenue, spearheading the establishment of product and software development teams and a customer service team. Outside of his work with Food Revolution Network, Lionel also served as the Affiliate Manager for EFT Universe, where he led marketing partner recruitment and rapidly brought in 50,000 new leads. Lionel holds a BA in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and completed 2 years of executive training with Leading Edge Teams.


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